Citizen's Charter

1. Filing of Administrative Complaints/Appeals/Motions for Reconsideration

Requirements and Procedures

2. Request for Assistance/ Queries

Requirements and Procedures 


3. Issuance/Evaluation/Application of/for:

  1. Issuance of Government Recognition to Private Schools

  2. Issuance of Government Permit to Operate Private Schools

  3. Issuance of Special Order for Private Schools

  4. Evaluation of School Records of Foreign Students/Transferring Students to the Philippines

  5. Application for Establishment of New School, Separation of Annexes, Merging of Schools/Public Schools/Integrated Schools

Requirements and Procedures

4. Certification, Authorization and Verification (CAV) of School Records

Requirements and Procedures


5. Applications/Claims/Transfer/Approval/Requests of/for:

  1. Application for Authority to Travel Abroad

  2. Claim for Retirement Benefits/Separation Benefits

  3. Terminal Leave Pay Benefits 

  4. Request for Transfer

  5. Request for Reclassification of Positions: MT1/II, Principals I to IV

  6. Request for Implementation of Approved Equivalent Record Form (ERF)

  7. Request for Certification of Last Payment of Salary

  8. Request for Certification of Remittance to GSIS, PAG-IBIG, and Philhealth Contributions and Loan Remittances

  9. Request for Stoppage/Deduction of Loans and/or Insurance Premiums

Requirements and Procedures

6. Request for Basic Education Data

Requirements and Procedures


7. Payment of Goods Delivered, Services Rendered, Consulting Services, and Contracts in Progress/Completed

Requirements and Procedures


8. Releasing/Issuance of:

  1. Releasing of Checks

  2. Issuance of Official Receipts

Requirements and Procedures