>>Regional Payroll Services Unit

Stoppage Form                                    

Deduction Form  

Certificate of Tax Update of Exemption  (Form 2305)

Sworn Declaration and Waiver of Right to Claim Exemption 


>>Quality Assurance Division

Evaluation Sheet of Application for SHS Government Permit (New/Renewal) 

Evaluation Sheet of  Application for SHS Government Permit (Recognition) 

Government Permit and Recognition (GPR) Form 3-A. (New School)

Government Permit and Recognition (GPR) Form 3-B.  (Renewal Permit)

Government Permit and Recognition (GPR) Form 4.  (Permit to Operate)

Government Permit and Recognition (GPR) Form 5. (Recognition)



>>Human Resource Development Division

 Application for Retirement (Form No. 040114-RET)    

Personal Data Sheet  (Form 212)

 GSIS Member's Request Form



>>Education Support Services Division

Palarong Pambansa Forms


AR-1 (Athlete Record 2017) 

Certificate of Completion 2017  

Certificate of Enrollment 2017 

Certificate of Employment DepEd Personnel 2017 

Certificate of Employment Private School 2017

Certification 2017

Dental Certificates 2017

Gallery of Athletes 2017

Medical Certificate for Boxing 1 rev A

Medical Certificate for Boxing rev  

Medical Certificate 2017  

Parental Consent 2017

Sworn Statement 2017  




Code of Ethics For Professional Teachers